Monday, June 8, 2015

Adventures in Toronto

Um, hello, on a rainy, crazy Monday morning in Toronto!

It was quite a weekend, and it looks like the nuttiness continues today.

Saturday, I am happy to say, Big A's slumber party went off without a hitch.  The girls were very well behaved.  Little A tried to stay up with the big girls and found she couldn't get comfortable down in the rec room, so Adam ended up having to put her to bed in her room.  I slept through all this, but still had a crappy sleep.  I think I was just tense being the worry-wart mom, anxious something was going to go wrong.  The one weird thing was the pizza delivery guy (the girls had pizza and ice cream cake) came to our back door for some unknown reason (you have to go through a back alley to get to it...), so he scared the shit out of me.  Adam was so peeved, he called the pizzeria and screamed at them.  It was just so bizarre!  I think it freaked me out because of the break-in we had years ago through the back door.

Then yesterday, right after me and the girls got back from having our hair cut, the power went out around 3pm.  I was so annoyed as I couldn't do anything I had planned (laundry, cooking, etc.).  It then didn't come back on until 10pm.  So we ate cold dinners and played board games by candle light and went to bed early.  We discovered that a huge portion of south central downtown Toronto had no power, but we still don't know the reason.

As if that wasn't all weird enough, the entire subway system went out for several hours this morning, causing absolute chaos.  Adam waited for almost an hour, before coming home and getting the car.  The girls and I walked to school in absolute pouring rain, only to discover the traffic lights all out.  Man, its scary enough to cross streets in this city when they're working, it was rather hair-raising to get the girls safely across the main street, just counting on the kindness of the drivers not to mow us down!

Still no info on what the heck is going on around her, but at least the rain has slowed a bit. 

An nutty as this has all been, I just keep reminding myself how minor it all is and how fortunate we actually are.  It isn't the middle of winter, its not the dead of summer, we have our power back, everyone is okay...

Have a lovely Monday folks, hope yours is a lot less weird.

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