Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday: Grumpy Hump Day Edition

Another day of meal inspiration thanks to WIAW at Clean Eats Fast Feets!

Adam has been in Ottawa for a conference this week, so its been just me and the girls.  Sigh!  Of course, I had lots of evening clients booked before realizing he was going to be away, so Monday the girls actually had to come to the office with me and sit in the board room while I did a session.  Then Monday night I had a horrible sleep, so was tired and grumpy yesterday. As luck would have it, last night was the girls' school spring concert. I will be honest, I never look forward to it. Its in an overheated, overcrowded school gym, your own kids only perform for a few minutes out of a few hours, and they are far away on stage where you can't really see or hear them well.  At the end, the kids are wired, tired and whiny.  Fun stuff!  So as horrible as it sounds, I was relieved when the school called in the afternoon for me to pick up Big A because she had a headache (no fever or anything).  I had a sleep-deprivation headache myself and all I wanted to do was sleep myself.  Thankfully, my mother-in-law was also planning to come, so she was able to bring Little A and watch the show.  She is also covering for me this afternoon while I see clients, and picking up the girls and feeding them dinner.  Yes, I know, I'm very lucky to have in-laws that help out so much! Me, Adam and the girls will probably all get home around the same time tonight.  Of course, no matter what's going on in my life, I make sure to eat well.  So here is yesterday...

Breakfast was the usual oatmeal with ground flax and egg whites (in my favorite, huge, chipped bowl).  I am sometimes branching out and using cinnamon and this apple pie spice, instead of just cinnamon and my usual fresh ground nutmeg on my oatmeal.  This spice blend has fenugreek in it, which gives it a unique taste and maple-like aroma.


Snacks were these Jona Gold apples, which I only got because the market didn't have my favorite Mutsus.  They were alright.  I also love these spicy vegan sausage snack sticks:

Lunch was a standard green salad with tuna and Italian dressing, and a vanilla spice plantain cake, with a sweet cinnamon sunflower butter spread (sunflower butter, powdered erythritol & cinnamon).  I've discovered I love sunflower butter more than peanut butter!

Dinner was a random saute of kale, roasted cauliflower and chicken feta spinach sausage that I found at Costco, in a vegan cheese sauce I am working on for my new website.  It was actually even better than I expected!

There you have it!  At least we're half way through the week already, huh??


  1. Your oatmeal portion looks good! How do you get it to be that voluminous?

    1. Partly I make a lot! I start with 1.5 cups of oats, but also add ground flax and konjac powder which makes it that voluminous.

  2. I've never seen vegan sausage sticks before! What brand are they?

  3. Viana brand vegan sausage sticks. Spicy ones are the bomb!

  4. Not bad, Erica. Spinach sausage – now that's something. You seem to have had the important food groups within your veggie meal, so you’re able to maintain a dietary balance, while staying away from the fats and the meat. Cheers!

    Irving Hammond @ Panacea CR