Friday, June 19, 2015

I Don't Wear Beige

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I am definitely happy it is Friday today.

Adam was away in Ottawa again for work.  Big A came down with a bug on Tuesday.  My mother-in-law was lovely enough to pick her up from school so I could work, but I then stayed home with her Wednesday.  At least Big A is very easy when she is sick, especially compared to Little A who is a whiny miserable mess anytime she isn't feeling good.  Big A just reads or plays quietly and really doesn't complain much.

Little A got very jealous of the fact that Big A spent part of Tuesday with their bubby, who spoiled her with French toast and popsicles.  She was in a total snit about it when we picked her up from school Tuesday and I was not impressed with this behaviour given what a lovely privileged life she leads (she never complains when she gets spoiled when she is sick!).  When we arrived home, there was a package for her from my mom.  Inside was a beautiful sundress.  Little A took one look at it and said, "I don't like this dress. Sorry, it's just not my style" and she handed it back to me.

Although frustrated with her, I was also very amused, and this incident made me think about my dear grandmother Ruth, who passed away almost exactly a year ago at age 95. 

When I was 3 years old, my grandmother knit me and my brother sweaters.  I took one look at the one she made for me and said, "I am sorry, I don't wear beige."  My grandmother was so surprised to hear such a thing come from a 3-year-old that rather than be offended, she (and everyone else) started to laugh.  It became a well-known story in our family and my dad even told it at my wedding (to illustrate how early on my strong personality developed).

Of course, when Little A said this, all I could think about was how much I wished I could call my grandma and tell her this story because she would have been so amused.  Instead I called my mom, who at first was hurt that Little A didn't like the dress, but eventually realized how funny it was, given the incident with me and the beige sweater, and agreed how much my grandmother would have enjoyed this story.

I miss my grandma Ruth so much.  I've been dreaming about her a lot lately.  Sometimes at night right before falling asleep I think of her and get like a pain shooting through my heart when I remember that she's gone.  Yet I am grateful to have so many wonderful memories of her, which I know I will keep with me forever.

I have the weekend off of work, which is nice but its still going to be a busy one.  Tonight we go to see Big A star in her school's play of the Lorax.  Tomorrow my mom is visiting for the day, and we have dinner plans with friends.  Sunday is Father's Day which means Adam gets his annual Blizzard from Dairy Queen and then we go to his sister's place for a BBQ.  Somewhere in there we have to fit in a trip to Costco and other errands.  Have a safe and healthy weekend!

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