Friday, December 4, 2015

Time Flies...Except During Winter

Is it Friday again already? Is it really December??

Why is it that time goes faster and faster the older you get? I swear, sometimes I feel like someone pressed fast-forward on my life.  In some ways its good, I think its because I love my work and have lots of awesome stuff that keeps me busy and my mind occupied.  When I'm bored, I am totally miserable and because I am so impatient and get bored easily, the fact that I feel like life is so full is just what I need.  But sometimes I worry I'm missing something, you know?  Like I'm forgetting to do something and I'll only remember on my death bed. Ha!

Of course, when you have kids, it seems like they grow and change so quickly.  I try to remind myself, when getting annoyed by the constant, "Mommy, mommy..." requests, that one day the kids won't need me at all and that will be a very bittersweet day.

We are already beginning the first week of December and if there is one month that flies by, its this one.  Unfortunately, then its the hard days of winter without much to look forward to.  Its at this point every year when I am hoping time flies.  Perhaps I can do a better job of focusing on the positives to get through winter without too much misery.  It seems sinful to want to speed through life even faster than we already do.  Every day is precious after all and we shouldn't waste a second.

I do have to mention that we are having unseasonably mild weather and have had no snow that's stuck yet, so I'm super grateful for that!!

Have a lovely weekend, I hope it feels really long ;)

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