Thursday, December 31, 2015

Reality Strikes and Winter Hits

Even though every Torontonian knew the green, mild weather wouldn't last, the snow storm this week still feels like a shock to the system.

Really, we are still doing well relative to most years at this time.  We seriously only got our first snow this week, at the end of December, about a month later than usual.  And its still pretty mild, with temps above freezing.

What gets me though is the greyness and bleakness of the landscape. 

Toronto skyline on Feb. 1, 2015

I am going to try my mood light again this winter, but I don't hold much hope it will make me feel any sunnier.  For me I don't think it is an actual physiological need for sunlight that gets me down so much as just needing a nicer view. You know how there are television stations that just broadcast a fireplace or fish tank to help people relax? Well, I am sure there must be something like that with beautiful landscapes.  At one place where I used to go for massages they have a big television in the waiting room and play a tape of views of the gorgeous Maldives, with calming music. I need something like that playing in a loop over and over from now until April!

I wish I could look out my window and see this:

Or this:

Despite the crap climate we have here, if 2015 showed me nothing else, it proved that Canadians are incredibly lucky.  We live in an otherwise amazing country and I have never felt more proud to be a Canadian.  My wish for 2016 is that some of our good fortune permeates to other parts of the work where people are not so lucky...although they may have better weather.

Happy New Year, I hope the sun is shining where you are! I'll be back on January 4th.

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