Monday, December 14, 2015

Nutrition Action Healthletter Canada No More :(

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Whew, normally I feel great Monday mornings, but I'm bagged today.  It was a crazy busy weekend of holiday parties and working and visiting with family.  This week is also packed work-wise, so there won't be any reprieve until next Sunday when the winter holidays begin.  It will be nice for us all to have some time off together. Anyways...

A few weeks ago I got some disappointing news in the mail.

I have been receiving the Canadian Nutrition Action Healthletter for many years now.  I love it because it is unbiased information about health and nutrition that is evidence based.  This means no misinterpreted research reporting to get a headline, or fraudulent claims about products made by companies or representatives just trying to make a buck.

Unfortunately, they are discontinuing the Canadian edition.  Apparently the costs are too high for this non-profit publication from the Centre for Science in the Public Interest in Washington, D.C.

I may look into getting the digital version of the American publication, but due to the vast differences in the health and food industries between Canada and the U.S., it won't be as useful for us Canadians. Nevertheless, information from an unbiased source like this is a great idea for anyone who has difficulty distinguishing fact from fiction when it comes to nutrition information. RIP Nutrition Action Healthletter Canada!

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