Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Miracle

Good morning, I hope you have had happy holidays so far!

We were in Florida last week at my in-law's place near Orlando and had a wonderful, relaxing stay.

It was way too hot and humid for me - caused a few killer headaches - but it was great for the girls who spent a lot of timing swimming with their cousins and having a blast.

I will miss the view from our condo though...

Sitting out on the screened in porch was lovely, even with the heat. I will miss the sunshine too.  Toronto is still uncharacteristically mild for this time of year, but it is so grey and blah.

Adam and I both feel refreshed, having eaten well, exercised and slept a lot. 
I made it to one of the resort gyms 3 times to lift weights, and did some of my Tae Bo videos.  Of course, I brought along Essentrics, because doing my stretching is a must!

Eating nutritious food is easy because we stay in a spacious condo with a full kitchen and cook most of our meals.  I made us gigantic egg white omelets for breakfast every day, filled with kale or spinach, salsa, turkey sausage and (in mine) cheese.  Lunches were sandwiches and salads and dinners, even those eaten out, were fish, chicken and salads.  I will definitely miss the amazing ruby red Florida grapefruits!!

My big indulgence were trying some special drinks including a sparkling wine, Chinese amber beer, and this freakin' amazing hard cider we found at Trader Joe's (yes, they now have Trader Joe's in Florida!!):

Henry Hotspur’s Cider
I got the ginger variety that really had some bite and isn't too sweet.  It was awesome!

We flew home on Christmas Day and it was quite the trip.  The flight was delayed an hour, but that wasn't a big deal, especially because we knew ahead of time and could hang out in the airport, rather than in our seats on the plane (which is what happened on the way to Florida).  Free WiFi kept the girls entertained and Adam and I read.

After boarding our almost empty plane (another bonus), we discovered that the crew was in a jolly good mood and in an uncharacteristic display of generosity from Air Canada (I despise airlines!), we were offered free wine, chocolate and Ipads for the kids to play with while onboard.  Believe me, if you have every flown with Air Canada, you know why I am calling this experience a Christmas Miracle.

Oh, and then there was the other issue.  Just as we began our landing, the plane reversed direction and came back up.  The pilot made an announcement that he had to abort the landing because the plane was having a technical difficulty. Oh yeah, great news for someone like me that already hates to fly!!

Fortunately, it was resolved, but as per airline regulations, we still had to be met on the runway by emergency crews.

I guess our safe arrival could be considered another Christmas Miracle.

Just a few busy work days this week and then the New Year.  Hold on to your hats folks, you've almost made it to 2016!

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