Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Last Hurrah

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Friday we are throwing our annual New Year's Day party. For the last time.

I realized that for the past few years I hate hosting it.  Actually, I have grown to hate hosting parties period.

I love other people's parties though.  You see, I can leave whenever I want.  The problem with hosting is you can't tell people to get out.

I am an extroverted introvert.  This means that I adore socializing until I don't.  I hit a limit with how much interaction (especially large group interaction) I can handle and then I need solitude.  I think having children has increased this tendency in me because, as any parent knows, you rarely get solitude, even in your own home, when you have kids.

Adam is even more of an introvert and basically hates parties.  So when we finally admitted to each other how much we were dreading the event this year, we happily agreed this would be the last one.

You say you've had a big night and people think you're hung over.

I also hate all the work involved, so I've switched to a low effort hosting strategy this year: I am not cooking or baking a single thing.  Unless you count heating up the frozen appetizers I bought.  Just sticking to the standard fruit and veggie trays, chips, popcorn, munchies, etc., which tend to be the most popular items anyways, at least with the kids.  I will still be making mulled apple cider, as always, as well as mulled wine, for a new twist...and serving some craft beers...more for my own pleasure than anything else ;)

Here's to all the introverts out there! We can all bump mugs and cheers from the privacy of our own homes!!

People don't understand that you really are too busy to hang out.

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