Friday, December 18, 2015

Healthy Travel

5 Tips for Healthy Travel

Too often when we travel, whether its for business or pleasure, we derail our healthy lifestyle with all or nothing thinking.  Because we can't stick to our exact eating and/or exercise plan, we throw in the towel completely and make poor choices.

Most of the time it is very doable to stay on track, even if you have to adopt a new and different routine from your usual. Perhaps you won't get in as much cardio as you normally would, or you'll have to pack some resistance bands rather than using free weights, but as long as you get in as much activity as you can, you're good.  Maybe you can't drink your daily green smoothie for breakfast, but no doubt you can find an alternative to eat that is yummy and nutritious.  Just because you can't be perfect, doesn't mean you need to stop trying.  Its all about doing your best in every situation. You can't ask any more of yourself!

Planning ahead is key.  Pack healthy snacks for the plane/train/car.  Don't waste calories on crap food, save your indulgences for when its really worth it.  If you can stay in an apartment or suite hotel with kitchen facilities, this is a great way to save money and stick to a healthy eating plan.  Its fun to discover new foods at local grocery stores and markets and cook up a feast for yourself and family!  If kitchen facilities aren't available, don't forget that many grocery stores and food markets now have extensive prepared food options, many that are healthy, like salad bars.  Sit-down restaurants are not your only choice!

If you do prefer eating out, research healthy restaurants in the area.  Choose a hotel with gym facilities, or bring fitness DVDs or resistance bands, which can be used right in your room.  If you don't want to workout, plan to walk as much as possible, or rent bikes, which is often the best way to explore a place.

Try to avoid letting yourself get too hungry.  Make sure you get enough protein at every meal, and even try to incorporate some into your snacks.  Carry a water bottle to make sure you are hydrated and not mistaking thirst for hunger.  Prioritize sleep so fatigue is not spiking your stress hormones and driving your cravings for sugar and carbs.  Make sure you are getting enough veggies, which are easy to neglect when eating out. Have a salad as one of your meals, or grab precut veggies and a small tub of hummus for a snack.

Its everyone's worst nightmare to get sick while travelling.  If you do and you're in the U.S., Amino has a service that can help you find a doctor.  We travel to the U.S. a lot, so this very helpful.

Remember, crappy food, alcohol and inactivity do not make for a healthy body and mind.  You will have a better mood and more energy if you treat your body well, even when you travel.

Well fellow health seekers, I hope you have a fabulous holiday.  I'm taking a break but I'll be back on December 28th.

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