Monday, November 23, 2015

The (Fall) Party is Over

There is no denying my favorite season is over.  We already had the Santa Clause parade, and yesterday the temperature dipped dramatically and it actually snowed! Fortunately, it didn't stick on the ground.

I have to admit, we had a pretty awesome fall.  Perhaps a bit too much rain, but also some absolutely spectacular, and unseasonably warm weather.  But the trees have lost most of their leaves and I am sure that it won't be long until the temperatures drop even more and snow starts to pile up. Blech!

As my brother said the other day when we were complaining about the climate here, "Where else in the world does it go from 30 Celsius and -30 Celsius?" Good question!  Sucks for me since I hate temperature extremes.

Also, like lots of people I can get the winter blues.  I am really really hoping that doesn't happen, and perhaps the fact that I honestly have never felt better (no idea why...but I think its connected to starting to take CoQ10), will keep me buoyed throughout the dreary winter months.

On the bright side, with the freezing temps come a few positives:

- No more frizz. If I straighten my hair, it stays straight all day!
- Beer stays cold in our cold storage room.
- I sleep even better in the cold.
- No more having to slather sunscreen on every inch of my body, because virtually nothing is exposed.
- We get to go to Florida in December!!

With work being busier and the holidays approaching, my posts might be a bit sporadic.  I have lots of topics I want to cover, just not enough time right now! 

That's it for me, now go enjoy your Monday.

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