Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fall Favorites

Right now we are having absolutely glorious weather.  The air is fresh, the trees are changing colour, and all week its going to be around 18 Celsius...unseasonably warm for November!

november weather toronto

Its got me rediscovering the joys of cycling. Despite the annoyances of biking on the city streets, its hard not to love being outside these days. I am taking advantage of it while I can since once winter hits, my biking days will be few and far between.

Here are some of my other little, everyday joys right now...

I love baby powder scented stuff, and Live Clean has a relatively chemical-free one:

This is perfect as a light moisturizer until winter really hits and I have to haul out the heavy artillery (i.e. body butter).
I know I go on and on about apples and how much I love them...particularly my favorites: Mutsu (sometimes called Crispin), bit this year there is a great bounty!
Some years they remain hard to find, which makes me very, very sad :( So while they're available, I'm hoarding them.

I am also devouring squash like crazy.  Scrumptious delicatas are back in season, and I also found RED kabocha which, when roasted with cinnamon, were heavenly.
Remember when I did that bootcamp back in the summer and got the whole Under Armour wardrobe as swag?  Well, I am adoring my Under Armour shoes!
I don't experiment much with shoes, since I have such bad feet, I just tend to stay with what I know works.  For many years now, I've only worn Asics and New Balance.  These shoes are extremely light, and I would have assumed they weren't cushioned enough for me, but I love them.  They are so comfy!!
And to counteract all this healthy living, my one indulgence is good, strong, hoppy, craft beer.  My favorite is this one:
I try not to have more than 2 a know what I always say, alcohol should be considered a treat and enjoyed in moderation!
To be honest, this is my beer of choice year round as I don't like weak, light beers, but since it is a bit heavier, its perfect for colder weather.
I know winter is right around the corner, so I'm trying to appreciate the beauty and bounty of autumn for the short time it lasts!!
Happy Tuesday, now you go out and enjoy it too.

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