Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Remembrance Day


Happy Hump Day!

The sombre drizzly weather seems appropriate this morning seeing as its Remembrance Day.  The girls have their poppies and the school has an assembly this morning.  Make sure you take a moment to remember at 11:11am! Unfortunately, I just realized I'll be in the middle of an interview about infertility with a journalist friend right at that moment.

I saw this story on the news this morning about a Canadian veteran and it warmed my heart.  There is a lot of concern for veterans in this country right now because its come to light (far too late!) that there is a mental health crisis among our troops.  Due to PTSD, a staggering number of soldiers end of taking their own lives after their tour of duty.  As a therapist, and one that worked with a member of the Canadian Forces who suffered PTSD due to his time in Bosnia, this is an issue close to my heart.  I will be thinking about all of the soldiers and their families struggling with the fallout of combat-related PTSD today too.

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