Friday, November 20, 2015

Busy is Better Than Bored

Its Friday but I'm not really feeling TGIF.  I work until really late tonight, and then again tomorrow morning. Then its a whole lot of chaos trying to get the girls to activities, and 2 different parties.  Sunday there are more activities and then we are supposed to go to my brother's house to celebrate my nephew's birthday...except Adam will be at his book club and I will have to leave my brother's half way through to get Big A from theatre school.  Its going to be nuts.  But I guess at least its not Monday, right? Then again, this coming Monday is quite sane, though the rest of the coming week is also a bit nuts because besides work, there is the girls' daycare fundraiser on Thursday I am helping sell tickets for, and then, of course, attending.

In reality though, I am not complaining. Being busy is good.  We all complain about it endlessly, but most of the time its with stuff we enjoy.  At least in my case, I am very fortunate because I love my work and I love socializing with friends and family on weekends.

So off you go, have a happy, healthy and busy weekend!


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