Monday, November 9, 2015

Real Food for Real Kids

This morning, despite it being Monday, I am jumping for joy.  It is the first week of the new hot lunch program at the girls' school!

I am sure I must have mentioned how much I hate dealing with packing lunches. It was a definite improvement some months ago when Adam decided they should make their own lunches, but there is still related stress because we have to police them about doing it.  Believe me, its not like they come home from school each day and run to the kitchen.  Nope, we have to remind them and forbid them from doing anything else until the lunches are made.  The manipulative little buggers also find ways around it, like asking for things that they aren't capable of making and downloading responsibility to me.

Having the girls make their own school lunches also hasn't cut down on waste.  Even when they choose what they will eat, they find all sorts of reasons why it wasn't edible (too soggy, to hot, too cold, etc.). I hate food being wasted, it makes me crazy!

So last year when our school sent out a survey asking parents if we were interested in a catered lunch program, I responded with enthusiasm.  Not just to cut down on the whole lunch packing thing, but also to hopefully expand their taste buds.  When they were in preschool the daycare had hot lunches and we were always amazed by what they were willing to eat: all sorts of fairly adventurous dishes that if I served it to them at home, would result in mutiny. 
I am also excited because their school is going with the Real Food for Real Kids program.  Many friends of mine have kids in this program at their schools and say its fantastic.

Now when I look at the menus, I have my doubts that my children will touch many of the dishes, but I am hoping they will be receptive due to peer pressure, as they were in preschool.  To my surprise, they've seen the menus and are excited, so that's a start. 

Unfortunately, the program is only running Monday to Wednesday, but Friday is pizza day, so at least its now only one day a week we have to deal with packing lunches.

Have a great start to your week...and I hope you packed yourself a good lunch!

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