Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday: Raise the Roof Edition

We decided to get a new roof put on the house, along with a whole slew of our neighbours.  All our homes were built at the same time, and it was due for all of us.  As nice as it will be to have a spanking new roof, it has meant a whole lot of mess and noise around here this week!

Thank goodness for yummy food.  So here is another WIAW  edition for you linked with Peas and Crayons.

I have big food news, as a matter of fact...I am no longer eating oatmeal every day for breakfast!  Yes, I kid you not.  I have developed an addiction to my Chocolate Protein Mousse, and realized it is incredibly convenient (can be eaten on the go, made the night before, nothing to do in the morning...), and satisfying (keeps me full a lot longer than oatmeal).  So on busy mornings when either the girls or I have an early commitment, I switch to the mousse.




On this day, I also enjoyed snacking on my Carrot Cake Fudge...

A delicious lunch of egg white omelet with salsa and cheese, along with roasted zucchini.

A few apples as per usual (not pictured), and one of my more creative recent experiments: okra nachos with vegan cheese sauce...

And then topped with vegan 'pulled pork'. 

It was delish!  And yes, I did eat that whole plate of food myself.  Adam's was about half the size ;)

What are you eating lately?

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  1. Those Okra Nachos sound very interesting! I haven't eaten much okra in a while but I'd eat anything with cheese sauce on top!