Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring Fling

funny spring

I am cautiously optimistic that the nice weather is here to stay.

That being said, its not outside the realm of possibility that it could turn again since its only April.  But lets stay in the moment, shall we?  And today it is a lovely, sunny 20 Celsius.  Perfect!!

Nevertheless this day started out a bit rough.  Little A woke up in a snit.  I was finally able to pull her out of it by reminding her that it is Friday and tomorrow is her birthday party.  Then as we were rushing to get out the door early so I could get Big A to track and field try outs, Little A spilled her pineapple banana smoothie ALL OVER the kitchen.  I didn't even have time to properly clean it up before we had to leave, hence after returning, I was faced with an extremely sticky floor to mop up.  Sigh!

Fortunately it should be a good weekend.  My uncle from New York is visiting, so aside from Little A's birthday bash, we will be heading to my brother's place for a family get together. 

Have a healthy, happy weekend!

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