Monday, April 13, 2015

That Time of Year Again

First Birthday Tailgate? :)

Hello and happy Monday!  I hate to jinx it, but I think spring may finally be here.  We had such a beautiful weekend.

Its birthday party season in our house again.  Normally that would mean a whole bunch of stress for me since kids' birthdays have become such an event.  But this year I'm somewhat off the hook.  Little A, whose party is next Saturday, has chosen a small chocolate making party at our home and the whole thing is organized by the chocolate company, Chocolate Tales.

Big A has chosen to have a sleepover with just a few girlfriends.  It will be her first sleepover party.  Adam also took her to the Junos back in March as a special birthday treat.

As usual, we are doing gift-free parties because these kids need nothing.  They will each choose a charity to make a donation to in honour of their birthday.

Whew, I got off easy this year!

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