Friday, April 10, 2015

Ms Clumsy

People mistakenly think that because I am active and fit, I must be coordinated too.  Ha!  I am the Queen of Clumsy!

You know how kids are always covered in bumps and bruises and rarely remember how they got there? Well I am still this way.  Its not unusual for me suddenly realize a finger is bleeding with no knowledge of having hurt myself.  I am also famous for inflicting injury on myself in the most ridiculous ways.  I have dropped a barbell on my face while bench pressing, gotten a black eye from a telephone, and have injured virtually every part of my body while I've been sleeping.

I also seem to have a special talent for hurting the inside of my mouth.  Biting my tongue and cheek is something I do on a far too regular basis, and I have gashed the inside of my mouth numerous times from eating hard things (like crackers or sunflower seeds).  This week I managed to bruise my gum on a piece of kale.  Yes, you heard me!  Now in my defense, it was a piece of stem, and they are kind of tough, but still, Adam is probably correct that I am the only person on the planet that would do such a thing.  Not only is it unsightly (purple and hugely swollen between 2 of my incisors), but it hurts like heck.

So even though it was only a 4-day week, I'm glad its Friday.  I work tonight and tomorrow but Sunday we are going to visit an old friend of mine to see her twin baby girls...I am very excited!

So have a healthy, happy weekend and watch out for the kale.

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