Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My Baby is All Grown Up!

Its funny, if you read my posts from the beginning of this blog, its mostly whining and complaining about how difficult parenting is.  And it is.  But those first years are particularly tough.  That being said, the mantra that got me through: This too shall pass...really was true.

Now that Little A is 6 (today!) and Big A is about to turn 9, life is so much easier!  Not life ever easy?  But a whole lot easier.  People always told us the age 6-11 stage is delightful and they were right.  The kids have more independence but still love us.  We are now starting to dread the teenage years when there will be, we are anticipating, a lot more attitude and a lot fewer kisses.

But no sense worrying about the future now when things are good.  I just still can't believe that today my 'baby' is 6!  She still feels like my baby, but she really is growing up.

Happy Earthday and happy birthday to my little sweetie!

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