Friday, January 16, 2015

Risky Business

Its Friday, yay!!  What are your plans for the weekend?  My parents are coming to Toronto tomorrow and staying with my brother.  So we're having a family Sunday at their place.  Tomorrow I have clients to see and errands to do, and the girls have all their activities, so its going to be busy.

We are already midway through January and that means just 8 more days to get in on my Indiegogo Campaign!  In case you missed it, I started this campaign to help launch my new business.  I am very nervous and excited.  I have tossed around starting a business of some sort for many, many years and its been a lot of hard work to get to this point.  Its not easy to start a business in Canada, especially an online business, because, in case you didn't know...Canada is a HUGE freakin' country!  I am still working out the details of shipping which my friend and business consultant has promised me is going to be, 'the bane of my existence.'  Ugh!!

I never expected to hit my target with my Indiegogo campaign, but the main goal is to get the word please help if you can with your Facebook shares and Tweets!

Here is a teaser of what this is all about.  Photos from my soon to launch website/business showcasing my product and all the yummy, healthy things you can make with it!!

Have a happy, healthy weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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