Friday, January 9, 2015


Its a beautiful, sunny - albeit - cold Friday!

I am smiling because I am feeling wonderful.  Nope, didn't win the lottery.  But the intense sinus headaches I've been experiencing a lot lately are gone.

Its always driven me crazy that even in winter I suffer from allergies.  I am usually on antihistamines (Aerius) all year round.  It isn't goldenrod that gets me the worst, it seems  to be dust, and what gets stirred up by the furnace - even though Adam is anal about replacing our furnace filters - is apparently a real trigger. 

But after doing a bit of research this week I discovered another culprit for my intense sinus pain: the dry air!  Although the inside of my nose has been extremely dry and sore the past few weeks, I didn't realize that the dry air can also cause inflammation in the sinuses.  After digging out our humidifier and letting it run during the night, I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!!!

So that's reason enough for me to celebrate this weekend.  I also have a rare Saturday off work so this is looking up to being a nice, relaxing couple of days.  Have a safe and healthy weekend!!

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