Friday, January 2, 2015

Back to Reality


Is it really January 2nd already???

We've been somewhat in holiday mode for over 2 weeks around here and even though Adam and I have been working sporadically when we can, we have not been in living our full-blown, normal life.  The girls haven't had to be at school by a certain time, my practice has been quieter than usual, and Adam has been treating himself to slightly shorter workdays.  We have also done a bunch of fun activities with the girls including taking them to the new Annie movie, finally getting to Ripley's Aquarium, and going to see the James and the Giant Peach musical.  There were playdates and dinner parties, and of course, our New Year's Day party yesterday.  Now we have just the weekend left and we have to wake up and snap out of this delicious, relaxed lifestyle.  Whaaaaaaaaaaaah!

It always feels harder, the longer and more wonderful one's vacation was, huh?

Enjoy a healthy, happy weekend folks!

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