Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Reading List

I have read so many amazing books recently and I have not been keeping up with sharing with you all. 

First, I have to mention this one as I love, love, loved it!  I got it in the airport on the way to Florida and am so very glad I did.


The Museum of Extraordinary Things is set in New York, my favorite city so of course I love it!! It captures true historical events like the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, but is purely fictional.  In fact, it has some magical realism in it, which ordinarily I don't go for, but I seriously adored this book!

I also loved this mystery, The Cruel Stars of the Night, by Swedish author, Kjell Eriksson. 


Now I want to read all his other books!  It was a very creepy, clever who done it.

The Orenda, is, of course, a masterpiece! 

Written by Canadian author, Joseph Boyden, it is an engaging and disturbing tale about the lives of Jesuit missionaries, and natives in Canada in the 17th century. 

I have to say, it was hard to have much sympathy for the missionaries, although I found myself having more toward the end of this epic tale.

My mom also introduced me to the mystery series by Donna Leon like Dressed for Death.


I have also read and enjoyed Quietly in Their Sleep.  I am loving these and will have to get my hands on the rest of them!!

Currently, I am reading The Massey Murder, which isn't actually a novel, its a history book by Charlotte Gray.

I never expected to love it so much, but I do like social history, and since it takes place in Toronto, I am learning so much about the city I live in.  I am enjoying it so much, reading more history books like this may be in my future...

I also read Love Anthony, but did not love it...which is a shame because I loved Still Alice, by the same author, that just got turned into a movie.

I can't imagine life without books...and I mean hard copy, old-school, paper books...none of this reading on an electronic device shit!  They are my guilty pleasure, my restitution, my meditation and part of every single day.  I always always always read right before bed.  You should try it.  Turn off your devices (they interfere with sleep anyways) and open a good ol' book!

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