Monday, January 12, 2015

Mamma Chia's Chia Squeeze

Hello and Happy Monday!

If there is one weekday task most parents hate, its packing lunches!  Trying to find something that's healthy and the kids will eat can be a challenge.  So check this out...

You know that squeeze fruit kids love?  Basically apple sauce sometimes with a bit of other fruit mixed in?  Yeah, my kids love it.

Recently at Costco, I found an awesome alternative in the same packaging: Mamma Chia's Chia Squeeze!

Admittedly I was a wee bit nervous they wouldn't go for it, but it was a total hit.  I think what worked though, is we got the blackberry flavour, so they think the 'seeds' are just blackberry seeds.  I couldn't pull off that deception with the other flavours.

Anyways, they are organic and, of course, more expensive than regular squeeze fruit, so not sure these will be a regular purchase, but for now, they're going in the lunch boxes!

Blackberry Bliss

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