Monday, July 8, 2013

Moving Target

Good Monday!  Today is a big day in our house: It's Little A's first time at summer camp!  Big A loved Pedelheads bicycle camp so much last year that we've enrolled both girls for the week this time.  We're hoping (although it may be premature) that Little A can get off her training wheels as quickly as Big A did last year at this camp.  This means I will also be packing Little A a lunch for the first time, which I suppose is good practice for when she starts kindergarten in the fall.  But I'm anticipating some issues, after all, when Little A is not happy with even the tiniest detail of absolutely everything, you can guarantee there will be much whining, screaming and complaining!

We had a great weekend despite the hot, humid weather.  Saturday we took the girls to the Kidstown water park in Scarborough.  Adam wasn't impressed because he felt there were too many kids running wild without close enough parental supervision (in particular, a bunch of kids kept intercepting Big A's patient attempt to have a turn on a few play things until she was in tears).  Nevertheless, I thought it was pretty awesome and the girls had a great time.  It's FREE and there are lots of ways for kids and their caregivers to stay cool. 

Our one mistake was not bringing a lock or leaving our valuables in the car.  Adam and I had to trade off sitting with our stuff while the other took the girls into the water area. 

Personally, I think its a great way to have some inexpensive fun.  Parking is free, entrance is free, and you can bring a picnic lunch.

I've been patiently waiting for the Target to open near us, but I couldn't stand it anymore.  So eager to check out a Canadian store, I insisted we check out one in the east end on our way home.  As has been reported in the news, we didn't think it was as good as the ones in the U.S.  The best deals, I think, are to be had on clothing, but even then, they weren't as good as the ones you find down south.  But I did find a Hello Kitty back pack and runners for Little A for school in September, and a cute summer dress for me, so it was still pretty successful.

Yesterday was a treat:  Adam's cousin took the girls to a movie and out for dinner so we got the latter part of the day to ourselves.  It was a lovely indulgence, which allowed me to do some writing, baking and yoga.

Off to work now.  Have a lovely day!

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