Monday, July 1, 2013

Hot Weather Fun


If you read this blog even occasionally than chances are you know I hate the summer.  Yes, HATE it.  I can't stand hot weather and just want to hide in the a/c and drink beer which doesn't jive well with my love of healthy living.  I like being out and being active but when the thermometer goes above 20C I start getting grumpy.

In any case, now that I have kids I feel an obligation to participate in summer.  After all, while they don't love the heat much themselves, they are more than happy to put up with it if there is water, rides or fun activities involved.  And I don't want to deprive them of fun.

The good news is that the Toronto area has tons to do.  We already visited Wild Water Kingdom this year, which is now a favorite of ours.  Even I can tolerate that place on a hot day since there are endless ways to cool down.  But it's really pricey.  So I was thrilled when I recently read about a water park called Kids Town in Scarborough, run by the city and virtually free.  We are definitely going to check it out this summer!

I really wanted to get the girls to the Family Pride events, which were held this past weekend, but it never happened because we had too many things going on already (my nephew's birthday party on Saturday, cleaning up around the house, a fun playdate at Christie Pits on Saturday).  So that's on the list for next year for sure.

Ribfest was also held this weekend, but we skipped it.  Sorry, all I remember from last year was how freakin' hot it was and how there was NO SHADE OR SHELTER.  I tried to be a good sport but I was miserable.

Adam is taking a day off a week for part of the summer so he's already taken Little A to Wonderland (he is taking Big A in a few weeks) and both girls to Waves Water Park in Niagara Falls (which is year round so also good for any weather).

We are planning to take the girls to Woodbine Beach today but we'll have to see what the weather has in store.  It is such a beautiful beach and I recently realized I have only been there once in all the years I've lived in Toronto and we've never taken the girls.  In fact, they have not yet been to a beach!  When we go to Florida we're always in Orlando where there are no beaches.  Q107 Radio is also having a big Canada Day celebration there today, which sounds like fun, so hopefully we can go later today.  The hot weather is much more tolerable for me if I'm around water, but even then I don't like to be out too long because I get anxious being in the sun for too long (even with a hat, sunglasses and sunblock on). 

I also found a discount for Shriner's Circus tickets so Adam and I are  taking the girls in a few weeks.  I can't remember the last time I went to a circus and this would also be a first for the girls.  Bonus for me is that it's under a tent, and, therefore, I am hoping, not too hot.

As per our annual ritual, we are also taking the girls to the Ex at the end of August.  They love it so much, they talk about it the entire year.  This year, however, I get a treat.  Normally I take them myself because Adam has to work, but this time Adam has booked the day off well in advance so we can all go.  Hurray!

Whatever you are doing and where ever you are, I hope all you Canadians are having a fabulous Canada Day!!

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  1. SO great that you've been finding such fun things to do! The kiddos must be thrilled.