Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Big Boss Blender

So you may recall me mentioning a few weeks ago that I slipped on our kitchen floor and dropped our Breville Blender (pictured below), which then smashed and cut me.  It was lovely.

Image for BREVILLE BBL550XL 5-speed blender from SHOP.CA
 That day, Groupon happened to have a deal on a Big Boss Blender.  Sometimes I'm impulsive I guess, so I snapped one up without knowing anything about it.  Yes, I would love a Vitamix, but I don't have $500 burning a whole in my pocket at the moment.

Fortunately, I've been pretty pleased with my Big Boss so far.  I thought it would only be able to handle smoothie kinds of things, but it actually does a lot more than that.  The instruction booklet claims it also grinds coffee beans and spices.  This was exciting for me because my coffee grinder has become a spice grinder since it cannot be immersed in water, and therefore likely retains the oils from the spices and may unpleasantly flavour my coffee.  The Big Boss blade and multiple cups can be fully immersed in water and even dish washed so its a safer bet for using for both purposes.  Just to test it, I dumped in all the little leftover nubs from my fresh nutmeg that are too small to grate with my microplane - unless I want to lose my fingertips.  It worked quite well, although didn't do as fine a job as my coffee grinder. 

The girls love that I can make a customized smoothie for each of them and that the blender bowl becomes their very own cup to drink out of.  They especially love the sports lids which allow them to drink without dumping on themselves.

I tried to make Chocolate Covered Katie's healthy ice cream recipe in it, but for that it was an epic failure.  The soaked cashews just gummed it up and I had to dump it into our food processor, which then did a fine job.

The biggest drawback, however, is that the cups are relatively small so you either have to stick with making small recipes or make things in multiple batches, which can be a real pain.  Overall though, for such an inexpensive product, I'm pretty pleased.

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