Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Beach Bums

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Our Canada Day trip to Woodbine Beach was a smashing success.  The girls had the time of their lives and it was a joy to see them so happy.  Big A asked if we could come back every warm day.  Ha, I wish!  She also took a massive face plant in the sand, getting sand covering her entire wet body including her face and in her mouth, but was in such a state of bliss that she laughed with the rest of us (her usual reaction to such a thing would have been tears and claims that she'd broken every bone in her body).

I also had fun, with the best part for me being that it wasn't too hot (25C) and a bit overcast.  Admittedly, it did mean the water was chilly, but that didn't stop the girls!  I happily got to stay covered up in a sweatshirt and yoga pants over my bathing suit, so with my hat, sunglasses and copious amounts of sunblock I didn't worry about exposure. 

Honestly, it's been many years (11 actually) since I've been to a beach, the last time being when Adam and I went to St. Lucia Le Sport for our honeymoon.  I forgot just how divine it is to walk barefoot through sand and sit and watch the waves.  I can see why people pay a gazillion dollars to live in the area!  I had fantasies while we were there of one day living within walking distance and waking up at dawn to do yoga on the sand right by the water or go for a run on the boardwalk.  Won't be happening any time soon, but maybe one day...

If you are in the GTA or visit the Toronto area in the warmer months, I highly recommend a visit.  It's not hard to get to, and it can be - if you plan well - a very inexpensive excursion.

Here are a few tips for making your Woodbine Beach visit a success:

1. Pee in the lake or wear diapers - Okay I'm kidding.  Do they even make swim diapers for adults? But seriously, the line ups for the women's bathroom is nuts.  Little A and I ended up sneaking into the men's bathroom because both of us were about to pee our pants. 

2. Bring shade - On a really blazing hot day you can probably burn real quick since there is no shade near the water.  Bring an umbrella or something.  Coating yourself with sunblock and wearing a hat and sun glasses goes without saying.  Come on, don't get yourself some skin cancer!

3. Take public transport or park far away - We made the mistake of bringing the car.  You can take the TTC to the beach fairly easily.  There were no parking spots near the beach at all so Adam had to park north near Queen St about a 20 minute walk away.  It was free street parking (beach parking will cost you $20), but far enough that Little A, who was exhausted at the end of our visit, whined the whole way back.  You could also ride your bike there, and, in fact, if Adam and I ever try to go back just the 2 of us, maybe we'll do that!

4. Bring snacks or meals - There is tons of food for sale, but most of it is the usual crap (pizza, hot dogs, ice cream, etc.).  There was some yummy looking chicken souvlaki, however, the prices of everything were rather inflated.

5. If you are bringing kids, bring sand toys - Big A insisted she didn't want to bring any, but in the end, she was the one who spent most of the time using the pail and shovel Little A brought once she discovered all the fun and interesting things to do with them.

Big A and I took a long walk down the beach together and collected some stones we thought were pretty.

We will definitely be going back again!!

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