Friday, March 19, 2010

Walk on, rock on!

It's been such a good week!

P1: I am feeling so good about my professional future right now. The one exception is I'm not sure I'm going to do brilliantly in my current course at school. I am finding it very interesting, but challenging and time consuming and I don't know if I can devote enough attention to it right now to do my best.

On the bright side, I got the job at the Toronto Athletic Club!! So end of April I will be teaching a Brazilian Butt Lift class on Thursdays, ha ha! As you can probably guess, it's a lower body strength training class which is perfect. I didn't really want to take on another cardio class as I prefer to do my own cardio at home first thing in the morning and aside from Sundays before my spinning class, I don't do much lower body work simply due to lack of time.

I also met with the infertility counsellor who works with my sister-in-law. She was so helpful and encouraging and provided me with some really great career advice. She confirmed my perception that there are few therapists who specialize in pregnancy loss/infertility and there is a real need for it. I am going to start taking her courses in May, which she offers through UofT's continuing ed program and we discussed the possibility of me doing my practicum for school with her (nobody will commit a year and a half in advance but now I have her and the counsellors at Mount Sinai as possibilities at least).

P2: Big A has been so much better this week. She's gotten a happy face on her "morning cooperation" chart every day. What a relief! She said the funniest thing last night. We were making up a bedtime story as we do every night. She decided she wanted it to be about a police officer (all her stories have to be about either cops, firefighters, doctors, dentists or hairdressers). I asked if the cop should be a man or woman and she replied, "Both! It will be a he/she and will have both a penis and a bagina." I couldn't stop laughing! I don't know where she got that idea and the fact that she called it a "bagina" was hilarious.

Little A did very well with Sherma both days this week. I am feeling much more confident that she will eventually get over her seperation anxiety. And getting out a few times on my own without her to do some career development stuff (audition for the class at the Toronto Athletic Club and meet with the infertility counsellor) felt very liberating. I actually feel like I have a life of my own again.

F1: I'm going to post a few recipes later today, stay tuned!

F2: I wanted mention how useful walking can be for staying in shape. If you cannot run or do other high impact activities, walking is a wonderful option because it is low impact but still weight bearing. Just make sure you walk briskly. Using a treadmill is ideal because it forces you to keep pace. If you walk on a significant incline at a fast enough pace, you can actually work harder than if you were jogging. Walk on, I say, walk on!!!

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