Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Are you kidding me?

P1: My new course is overwhelming! I may not have time to update as much for the next few weeks. Hours of lecture to listen to, readings, a weekly quiz, two 10 page papers and a 20 page paper crammed into a 5 week course! Yikes!

P2: Big A no longer complains about a sore throat or any other physical ailments so I am no longer worried something is seriously wrong. She had a great day today while Little A had a bad one. She was grumpy grumpy grumpy. And threw all her food on the floor at all 3 meals. Who knows what's up? Yesterday Big A asked me why Adam doesn't carry a purse. I love the odd, random questions she often asks me. I didn't know how to respond without reinforcing gender stereotypes. I told her men don't carry purses and she asked why. I said I didn't know but they generally preferred back packs and brief cases. There is already a gender divide at daycare. At 2, most of her friends there were boys and she had a major crush on a 5 year old. Now she says she hates boys and only wants to play with other girls. I wonder when this will change again?

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