Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Daylight Saving Grace

P1: Audition today at Toronto Athletic Club!! I am so swamped with this new course, but the material is really interesting. Tomorrow is my meeting with the miscarriage/infertility counsellor to seek career advice and chat with her about the course she teaches through continuing education at UofT.

P2: This week has started off MUCH better than last week. I've had 2 great mornings with Big A. She is such a delight when she is behaving, I just wish it happened more often. Little A has also been great, she is at such a good age. But I am getting sick of how picky she is with food and how much food she throws on the floor. Every day she changes her mind about what she wants to eat, with the exception of kiwi fruit and fish, which seem to be her favorites.

F1: I'm making a new recipe tomorrow and if it works, I'll post it. It's got chick peas, zucchini, red onion and tomato in a yogurt based sauce flavoured with garlic, lemon and mint.

F2: I'm consistently up to 4 chin ups...still working on it!

Hope to have more time to update later this week.

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