Monday, March 29, 2010

Pet Peeves

I'll admit I get irritated easily by things, so I have a lot of pet peeves. Here are some of them (in no particular order):

1. The stickers they put on produce
2. Overheated spaces (I HATE being hot, it gets me very agitated...I don't even like summer, it's too damn hot!)
3. Strangers on the street who give you parenting advice
4. Traffic - I am sure there are a lot of cities that have worse traffic, but the traffic here in Toronto drives me nuts. I hate sitting in the car going nowhere.
5. People who keep me waiting (Whether it's doctors or friends, I hate it when people are late)
6. Insect bites - I am extremely allergic to mosquitos so I swell up and get extremely itchy and miserable. Consequently, you won't ever catch me camping!
7. People who never ask you anything about yourself - I frequently meet people who will happily answer all of my questions about them and talk about themselves at great length but fail to ever ask anything about anyone else.
8. Trans fat - Like why are companies still using this crap? I know it is cheap and increases shelf life, but I don't think anyone wants to eat it anymore.
9. White flour products - Like why are people still eating this garbage? Stop eating it folks and then the food companies with stop making it!
10. Celebrity worship - Why do people care so much about what the idiots in Hollywood are doing? I don't get it.

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