Thursday, March 4, 2010

Crying Wolf

Something is definitely going on with Big A, but I really can't figure out what. I worry she is not well, only because she occasionally STILL is complaining about a sore throat and after seeming to be through the worst with her tantrums, we have had a relapse. But there are also signs that she is faking the sore throat. When she mentioned it yesterday morning, I offered her a Tic Tac, explaining that it is the new medicine we have for sore throats, warning her it was "minty". She declined the offer - this is the only time she has refused medicine - It's a mixed blessing that they make kids medicines taste like candy, I tell you! However, after munching on her favorite organic chocolate dipped brown rice cakes in the stroller on the way to daycare (another ploy I was using to determine if the sore throat was real), she claimed they had made her sore throat all better. So I'm thinking she's faking the sore throat.

But something IS going on. She was great last night until about 5 minutes after she was in bed and Adam and I had sat down to eat our dinner and watch Law & Order. She started whimpering for us. Adam went up to find her complaining that she needed help getting her blankets on properly - but I spent 5 minutes getting them perfect for her when I tucked her in. Another 5 minutes later she started crying and calling for us again. We ignored her for a while but she started getting to Adam to he went back upstairs and got angry with her. She got even more upset and started calling for me but Adam told her that I was not going to come up. She wailed for over 30 minutes until we finally gave up, Adam cleaned up dinner and I went upstairs to see what the problem was. Once again she said her blankets were not on properly. I tried to help her but was getting impatient so she got indignant and started screaming. Adam raced up the stairs and scolded her. She continued to scream after he slammed her door. I went back into her room one more time and this time she said she wanted a hug. I hugged her and told her to go to sleep because it was late. Finally she did.

Adam thinks she is feeling neglected because of all the extra attention Little A is now getting. I guess he could be right...I hope it's nothing more serious. I wish there was some way to know!

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  1. is she 3 now??? If so that is probably a huge reason. jenn