Monday, March 1, 2010

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back!

P1: I was not offered the job at the gym where I teach spinning that I spoke to the director about a few weeks ago. Even though I would have turned it down anyways, it still seems absurd that I can't even get a job I am ridiculously overqualified for. But she wanted someone to start on March 1st (today!) and I think it would require too much of a time commitment, given all the other things I want to do. As much as I bitch about being home with Little A, I have to admit, the thought of leaving her right now freaks me out, I would never have been prepared to start a new job today.

I finally heard from my ob/gyn, who apologized about not being able to connect with me, and she said she was going to speak with the head of volunteer services at Mount Sinai to see what restrictions there may be at the hospital in terms of patient contact. Even if I can't start volunteering there now, I really want to do my practicum placement there so I hope that is a possibility.

P2: Something is going on with Big A but I don't know what. She has been sick so it's possible she still isn't feeling great, but she often fakes it so I don't know for sure. I've decided to go out and buy something she doesn't like the taste of (she hates mint, so probably some friend Jenny suggested Altoids!) and tell her it's medicine. I figure if she doesn't like the taste, we will at least know for sure if she's just trying to get some medicine or if she really is under the weather. In any case, she was moody and uncooperative all day yesterday. In fact, it was the worst day we've had with her in a while. When Adam left for his book club in the late afternoon, she almost immediately had a meltdown which involved kicking me in face and hitting me with her hands. We have taken away all her dolls and her playing cards for 2 weeks. This morning was no better, she came out of her room at 6:40am and immediately had a fit because Adam had left for work already. She hasn't pulled that one in a few months. She screamed so much she woke up Little A. I eventually left her in the upstairs hallway and went down to the kitchen telling her to let me know when she was ready to behave. She eventually calmed down and then was great for the rest of the morning until I got her to daycare. When I asked her why she was so upset, she initially kept saying it was because she wanted daddy, but then said her throat really hurt again. I agreed to give her some Advil liquid and that made her again, how do I know if she's telling the truth??? She didn't complain about not feeling well again after that.

In contrast, Little A, at 10 months now, is at a great stage. It's so ironic that as I get closer to the end of my mat leave, she is getting more and more fun to be around. She babbles, like most babies her age now, making the cutest "doy doy" sounds. She is exploring more and more and enjoying her new found freedom that her crawling and standing providers her. Last night while Adam was at book club, we had a great time while she was in the bath. So after counting down the seconds until my mat leave ends these past 10 months, I am finally feeling somewhat emotional about it ending.

F1: As a fitness professional, I never recommend "diets" to anybody, because no one can sustain a diet long-term. I believe the key to weight control and health is establishing a balanced lifestyle you can maintain for the rest of your life. Weight Watchers is useful for some people, I will admit, because it teaches you about portion control and healthy eating. But, in general, I promote a "philosophy" of eating, rather than a diet. That philosophy is called "Volumetrics", and is based on scientific research by Barbara J. Rolls, Phd, and others. The concept is based on the fact that most people cannot control their eating if they are constantly hungry. We are biologically programmed to eat when we feel hungry, so the best way to manage your weight is by eating the greatest VOLUME of food with the lowest calories. This also promotes good health seeing as most foods with a low caloric density are fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins - the basis of a healthy diet. The idea is simple, eat low calorie foods in the greatest abundance and higher calorie foods (fats, etc.) in smaller quantities. For example, you could eat 10 French fries for the same number of calories as a large baked potato with salsa. The baked potato is a larger amount of food and will thus fill you up more than the fries. Another example is that for the same number of calories in 1/4 cup of raisins, you could eat 2 cups of fresh grapes. Foods with lots of water or air in them inherently have fewer calories. Another example is that a whole orange has fewer calories than a glass of orange juice. The orange also has fibre in it that the juice doesn't have, so it will keep you feeling full while the juice does nothing for your satiety. As a matter of fact, I recommend never drinking your calories for that reason. Stick with water, tea and coffee and get your calories from whole foods.

F2: Whoa, it's almost time for mom and baby aquafit and Little A is still asleep, I gotta go make noise outside her bedroom door!

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