Friday, March 10, 2017

Where the Ryka Shoes

Good morning and welcome to Friday. You made it through another week!

So after my post about my new Hoka shoes, Adam called me out. He asked why I would wear runners for all my workouts when I only run once a week (I've been doing it since the fall to keep some endurance work in my routine), and spend the rest of the time weight training and HIIT, with a lot of lateral movements.

Its a good question. Especially since I should really know better. Before I had the girls, when I taught fitness classes on a regular basis, I had several pairs of shoes, which I rotated, depending on the type of activity. I was very careful to wear running shoes only for running, and fitness shoes for my aerobics classes. I guess after I had the kids and stopped teaching and started working out at home instead, it felt too indulgent to have several different pairs of shoes. It didn't matter so much when I was mostly using our treadmill and stairmaster, but now that I do mostly HIIT workouts with a lot of martial arts moves and lateral movement, running shoes really aren't ideal.

I have already told Adam he was right and he's already gloated, so moving on from that...

After our discussion, I immediately ordered a pair of fitness shoes from Ryka. Yes, I order shoes online...I do most shopping online because the malls in Toronto are nuts (i.e. too crowded!!), and the traffic to get there so bad, that I can't bear it. But this is one of the reasons I am brand loyal most of the time, I know from experience which shoes work for me and which ones don't. For example, Nike and Reebok are no-goes for me. But for fitness shoes/cross-trainers, Ryka and Avia have always worked well. They are what I always wore to teach fitness classes.

They arrived a few days later and the minute I slipped them on, I knew Adam was right (you already rubbed that in my face dear!). For the HIIT training I do, they are much better than runners. They have far more stability for the lateral movement thanks to a lower outsole and the fact that they mold very close to the foot. I used to wear high cuts for added stability for my ankles, but, actually, I think the low cuts are even more comfortable.

So I've swapped things up and now wear the Hokas just for running, and the Rykas for everything else. I really do feel like my performance is improved just by wearing them. Thanks Hubby!

Moral of the story is, there are certain things you should never cheap out on, and shoes is one of them. Our feet are so important to our health and mobility.

Aside from wearing the right shoes for your activity, also remember to get rid of worn shoes. If you have a high activity level like Adam and I, you should be replacing your athletic shoes on an annual basis. If you do a lot of endurance activity, possibly even more often!

We have a busy weekend ahead. I work tomorrow, the girls have all their activities (Adam spends all day Saturday driving them back and forth!), and Sunday evening we have friends coming for dinner. I also need to apply to have my passport renewed. I hate doing that kind of stuff! Thankfully, most of it can be done online now.

Have a lovely, happy, healthy weekend and take care of your tootsies!

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