Friday, March 17, 2017

Revisiting the Asylum

No I wasn't locked up in the looney bin...yet!

I dug out my Asylum series, which is the sequel to the Insanity exercise program by Shaun T.

When I first tried it I found it frustrating, not just because its tough, but we didn't really have enough room in our gym area, the way it was set up before our home renos. Also, the agility ladder, which is used a lot would slip and slide around on the carpeting, and I was always having to stop and adjust it.

But a few weeks ago I pulled out the ladder to use with my personal training client, and suddenly realized I hadn't tried it again since we fixed up the basement.

I decided to do the Game Day workout, which is the longest one (60 minutes) and see if it was doable in our new space. I am happy to say, yes it is! The ladder doesn't move around on the rubber flooring, and there is now plenty of space.

As for the workout itself? Very challenging! It uses different exercises to mimic drills or moves from various sports. Tough for a person like me who sucks at almost all sports, but I like it because at least it is, for the most part, easy to follow (no fancy dance moves!). If you want something that is not at all like a traditional aerobics class, you may like this, but it definitely is not for the newbie exerciser.
The drills can be pretty intense and the work intervals several minutes long, rather than 30-60 seconds in most of the HIIT training workouts I do. But I loved it, so I am definitely bringing these DVDs back into rotation!

If you don't exercise, its never to late to start. The health (physical and mental) are endless. Doing ANYTHING is better than nothing, so find something you enjoy and just....DO....a ditty ditty dumb ditty do (sorry quoting Nike just isn't my style).

Have a happy St. Patrick's Day and a happy, healthy weekend. I work late tonight, so no green beer for me...maybe tomorrow (beer but not green that is!). I work all weekend actually, so I know its going to fly by. I'll be back Monday and I hope you will too!

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