Friday, March 31, 2017

Go Run Lites: Product Review

TGI Friday!

Thankfully now that its spring, there is more daylight. But even so, if you are like Adam and I, and you are a super early bird, it still may be dark when you open your eyes, especially if its to fit in an early morning workout. It stays light later now that its spring, but if you work into the early evening, you may also find yourself leaving at the end of the day after the sun has gone down. Or, if the weather is terrible like it is today (raining, cold and dark), then you may see no daylight at all!

Not only can the dark be depressing, it is also an additional safety risk, especially if you live in a place like Toronto, where the roads are like the wild west. Pedestrian and cyclist deaths are at an all time high. It is absolutely critical that if you are going outside for a run, walk or bike ride, whether its for fitness or your daily commute, you make sure you are damn well visible to drivers.

Go Run Lites are gloves and mittens made for active folks, that have bright LED rechargeable lights that fit right in them to aid your visibility. Recently they sent me a pair of their fleece mittens to try and I think they are fantastic.

The size medium are a bit big for me, but they also sent the liners for added warmth. The mittens are super soft and warm, which is perfect for cycling around here in cold weather. The lights velcro into the top of them and are at least as bright, if not brighter than any bike lights that I have owned.

I am thinking it might be wise to get Adam a pair of the lighter weight gloves since he runs outside in the warmer months, but starts so early it is pretty dark out.

Do I recommend these products? Absolutely! Great idea, and great quality.

Now go get outside, be active, and have a happy, healthy and SAFE weekend!

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