Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Going Semi-Paperless

As you know, I am a traditionalist when it comes to reading. I want paper! I don't own a Kindle, and don't want one. I like hard copy magazines and newspapers please!

Unfortunately, I am apparently in the minority as everything nowadays is going digital. Not only is this due to demand, but also cost. Its cheaper to publish stuff online so paper stuff is getting more and more expensive.

Because of the high cost, Adam has been bugging me for years to allow him to cancel our newspaper deliveries for Globe and Mail and Toronto Star, and start getting the digital versions instead. Noooo!

I've kicked up a big fuss because I just can't imagine enjoying scrolling through the paper on a device while having breakfast. It didn't help that Adam told me to check out Star Touch, the Toronto Star's new online subscription service, which is horrid. I hate it. Its not even the same content as the print version. Forget it, no way.

Fortunately, the online version of the Globe you can subscribe for is EXACTLY the same as print, and even appears the same way on the screen. Okay, compromise. We are now getting the Star in print, and the Globe online only.

But should there come a day when the stop selling books and magazines in print, I will launch a revolution!

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