Friday, March 24, 2017

Think Macro, Not Micro for Better Health

Happy Friday and Happy Spring! It actually felt like spring on Tuesday, but now we have reverted back to winter. No surprise, as Toronto doesn't really get 'real' spring until May most of the time.

So, does spring make you think of spring cleaning your lifestyle? Starting a new diet, fitness program or giving up an unhealthy habit? Read this before you start the latest trend (and, of course, skip the cleanses and detoxes!!).

There are a billion theories out there about how best to be your physical best: Eat keto, eat Paleo, eat vegan, eat alkaline, don't eat after 6pm, juice, don't drink juice, do cardio, don't do cardio, lift heavy weights, only do body weight exercises, drink red wine, don't drink at all, no wheat, no gluten, whole grains, do intense exercise, just aim for 10,000 steps, etc., etc., etc.

A lot of people get so confused they don't even know where to start when it comes to improving their health!

The most important things you can do are the big-picture habits, which you've probably heard me tell you a million times:

1. Exercise regularly (who cares what kind, just do something and do it consistently!)

2. Sleep enough and practice healthy sleep hygiene

3. Eat real food, not processed (omnivore, locavore, vegetarian, vegan, whatever) and aim for 10 (yes 10!) servings of veggies and fruit daily, homemade, not from a restaurant

4. Don't smoke and minimize alcohol consumption

Its up to you to figure out a way to incorporate these habits into your life in a way you enjoy. If you try something (low carb, crossfit, whatever, whatever) that makes you miserable, than you won't stick with it. Its about being the healthiest you, you can be and enjoy life and be consistent.

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