Wednesday, May 13, 2015

WIAW: My Lat is a Pain in the Butt

This is a post about yummy things (Thank you Peas & Crayons for hosting another WIAW), but I can't help but bitch about my latissimus dorsi muscle.  I pulled it somehow (as usual I don't know exactly how I hurt myself), and its been incredibly annoying.  The lat is a major muscle in the mid back, in case you didn't know, and pulling it hurts like all get out, and is very inconvenient.  Because of where its located and where it attaches, etc., I found it impossible not to trigger the pain when it was at its worst...even inhaling hurt.  Not to mention I couldn't do my usual workouts.  On Sunday, my only gym day where I lift heavy weights and use all the big equipment we don't have at home before teaching my spinning class, I was useless.  Even holding dumbbells in the opposite hand pulled the muscle so lower body work was tough too.  I ended up only being able to do circuits of light nautilus, and had to skip a whole bunch of back and chest machines that I would have otherwise used.  I also haven't been able to do my martial arts training, of course, because punching, striking, etc. is out.  Grrr!  I hate that!  Fortunately, this week it is feeling much better and I am confident it will be all healed by this weekend.  Its gone from searing pain to just a dull ache.  Wahoo!

Honestly, it is such a blessing to BE ABLE to exercise, that should be incentive enough for North Americans to get active.  It is so miserable to be in pain, or even to have limited mobility for any reason.  Use it or lose it folks!!

Anyways, here is another day of deliciousness I cooked up in my kitchen...

Breakfast was my chocolate protein mousse:


Snacks were an Epic turkey jerky bar I got from Whole Foods (I stocked up, as you can see) while we were in Boston and 2 massive apples (not pictured).

Lunch was homemade vegetarian borscht (hopefully will post recipe soon) and a chocolate protein plantain cake with peanut butter icing (made from PB2 and powdered erythritol), which was scrumptious:

Dinner was this Malaysian Coconut Curry Noodle dish made with shirataki noodles:

So what have you been eating, or what's eating you lately?

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  1. OMG I've got to try that Coconut Curry Noodle recipe! I LOVE Shirataki Noodles!