Tuesday, May 19, 2015

End of an Era

Why hello...did we miss Monday?  Oh yeah, it was a long its only a 4 day week.  Don't you love that?  We had an awesome 3 days off that were both productive and fun.  I worked Saturday and then while Little A was on a playdate the rest of us trekked up to a fitness equipment store so Adam could choose a spin bike.  Yep, we're now going to have one at home!  More about that later.  Sunday after my spin class at the JCC we did a family trip to Costco.  Yes, going to Costco is an outing for us!  We all love it there, but man, it was totally nuts there.  Then we came home and cleaned up the front and back yard.  I hate doing it, but it had to be done.  I weeded the front, which was covered in dandelions, weeded the back garden, which really has nothing growing in it anymore since every winter more and more of our raspberry bushes seem to die, we raked leaves, and put out the old play house, basketball net and kiddie lawn chair onto the front in hopes that folks would take them (yesterday someone rang our bell and asked if they could take the house. Yahoo!).  Yesterday we went to High Park with Adam's sister and her family and took the kids to the zoo, the playground and the restaurant for lunch.  Adam took the girls to the JCC to swim in the afternoon while I wrote reports.  My only complaint is the weekend ended to fast...even with an extra day!

But today is a special day.  Today Adam and I are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary.  We met 15 years ago, and married on May 19th 2002.  This brings me back to the topic of the spin bike.  You see, in order to fit the spin bike in our little gym, we have to get rid of the stairmaster.  This made me sad, you see, because Adam and I literally met on that stairmaster.  I was stairmastering at the JCC one day in 2000 when this ripped dude got on the stairmaster next to me and struck up conversation.  I ended up marrying that hottie.  In 2003 or so, when the JCC was renovating and buying new equipment, we bought one of those stairmasters off them.  Unfortunately, I can't justify keeping it.  Since I went cold turkey on cardio machines I haven't used it once, and Adam can't use it because it hurts his calves and back.  Nevertheless, the thought of getting rid of it left me feeling bereft.  Fortunately, Adam's sister agreed to take it and put it in their home gym, so at least its staying in the family for now.  Bye bye stairmaster!

Have yourself a lovely Tuesday.

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