Friday, May 8, 2015

Treat a Mom (With Cancer) this Mother's Day!

Growing up we never celebrated Mother's Day or Father's Day as my parents hate maudlin stuff and they just saw these holidays as ploys by card and candy companies to make more money.

In contrast, they have always been a big deal in Adam's family.  Given the struggles we had to have our children, I happily embraced the whole celebrating parenthood once I was a parent.  Also, Adam has always spoiled me rotten on Mother's Day by giving me a shopping spree.  Who can pass that up?

That being said, it really shouldn't be about the material stuff since family is about not about that stuff.  Family is about loving, caring, giving and nurturing.  So when the Nanny Angel Network asked if I would share this post for them today, I wholeheartedly agreed.

In case you missed my posts about them last year, here is some info about the Nanny Angel Network (NAN):

The Nanny Angel Network (NAN) is a registered charity and the only organization of its kind in Canada to provide free in-home childcare support for mothers who have been diagnosed with cancer, for those requiring palliative care and for families requiring additional relief during the bereavement period.
Cancer diagnosis and treatment is traumatic for everyone, but particularly for young mothers. They worry about being able to protect and support their children; without support, they may end up postponing appointments or neglecting treatment based on their children’s care.
NAN helps mothers feel assured that their children are in safe, caring hands. That confidence gives them the chance to focus on their medical treatments, doctors’ visit, and taking the time they need to rest and recover. For a minimum of five hours per week, Nanny Angels volunteer their time so mothers can get much needed rest, go to appointments or run errands or simply have time for themselves. Delivering these services in the family’s own home reduces stress and allows women to focus on their own well-being.
To qualify, mothers must be currently undergoing cancer treatment, or be in the early stages of recovery, with a child under the age of twelve.
Here is an informational video about NAN:

After my good friend J was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I called NAN and put them in touch with her.  They sent a fabulous babysitter to their place a few times to allow J and her wife some opportunities to relax and have some time to themselves during her gruelling treatment.  They raved about the program and I will be eternally grateful to NAN for providing this service to them.

A donation to the Nanny Angel Network in a mom's name is a great way to honour her kind heart for Mother's Day.
Have a wonderful weekend!  Its an extra special one around here because on Sunday, Mother's Day, it is also Big A's 9th birthday!  I can't believe I have been a parent for almost a decade!!

Looking for a scrumptious but healthy treat to make mom (or yourself!) on Mother's Day?  Hope on over to my Konjac for Life website for the recipe.

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