Friday, May 29, 2015


Babies are a topic of discussion frequently in my life.  This shouldn't be surprising since at least 80% of my counselling practice clients are infertility/ART patients.

While I am admittedly obsessed with babies, this wasn't always the case.  As a kid I loved them, but then through my 20s I could not have had less interest in babies.  At 30 I decided I was ready to have my own babies, but even then, I wasn't particularly interested in other people's babies.

Now that my kids are bigger (although at 6, Little A is still cuddly and squishy to me!), I have developed an absolute baby obsession. I have finally become one of those people who wants to hold every baby and cuddle and squeeze and kiss them.  Its kind of weird!

Don't get me wrong, I DON'T WANT ANY MORE BABIES OF MY OWN!  But man, I've gone from a cat-obsessed woman to a baby-obsessed woman.  When people post baby pics on Facebook, I'm dying.  And I do sometimes miss the baby cuddles, giggles, etc.

At this week's board meeting for the girls' daycare, one mom had to bring her 9-month-old daughter. I was so distracted the whole 2 hours by this little cutie.  But as the meeting progressed and the baby got more and more tired, she got crankier.  Her poor mom had to go from sitting with her on her lap, to standing, to bouncing and swinging...eventually if she wasn't throwing her up in the air and catching her repeatedly, baby started fussing.  All of a sudden I was brought right back to that place, that combination of boredom, monotony and exhaustion that comes along with caring for an infant and I immediately realized why people always say that being a GRANDPARENT is the best thing in the world.  You enjoy the kisses and cuddles, and then give back the babies as soon as they start fussing.  Ha, my kids are only 6 and 9, and already I am looking forward to being a grandparent!  I guess it really is true, its having grandchildren that is the reward for parenting!
Speaking of parenting, we have an insane weekend.  Tonight is the girls' school spring festival, but it is also the first night of Big A's dance recital.  So  I have to go to the school, get Big A in makeup and costume, and then Adam is going with my mother-in-law to the performance while I stay at the festival with Little A.  Tomorrow the girls have gymnastics and Big A has swim lessons. I work and Little A has a birthday party and then Adam and I attend the second night of Big A's dance recital.  Sunday I teach spin, the girls have Hebrew School, Little A has swimming and then both Adam and I have our book club meetings. Whew!  Monday is almost going to feel like a holiday.

Have a lovely weekend and stay healthy and safe.

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