Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Boston Strong!

Adam and I had the best time in Boston last weekend and it was the perfect balance of exploration and activity, and just self-indulgent relaxation.

In the past, when we would visit cities, I would schedule us to the max.  I always worried that I would never have a chance to get back there again, so I would try to pack in as many sites and experiences as possible.  While it was always fun, it also left us drained...particularly the time we went to San Francisco and went everywhere (over those darn hills!) by foot.  We were absolutely spent when we got home, which made it not at all a physical or mental break.  Now in my old age state of maturity and wisdom, I realize there is value in just taking it easy when on holiday.  So that is just what we did!

We stayed at the lovely Revere Hotel, which had great service and facilities (I was most impressed with their toiletries  - 2 types of shampoo, conditioner and body wash to choose from, along with hand soap and hand lotion - all in big bottles, far more eco-friendly than the tiny ones, and attached to the walls so you can't steal them;)

On Friday we checked in and then went to the Boston Tea Party Museum, a fun and interactive experience. Not cheap though, at $25US a ticket!!  Friday night, like old people, we passed out in bed rather early and then slept for about 12 hours.  Seriously!

Saturday we took the subway to Harvard Square, and wandered around and had lunch.  Then we headed back to Boston and visited the African Heritage Museum.  It was a bit disappointing...very small, with the exhibits being mostly books you can't touch...only a little 17 minute film was very interesting.

Saturday late afternoon, Adam met up with a mutual friend of ours who lives in Boston now, and I met some dear girlfriends of mine for drinks in the hotel restaurant.  Then Adam and I went out for a nice dinner at an Indian restaurant near the hotel, called Tantric.  We had an amazing dinner of eggplant, potato and cauliflower, lamb and chicken in rich, heavy sauces...then went back to the hotel and passed out early again.  And then slept another 12 hours!

Sunday we left the hotel around 11:30am (so lazy for us!) and did the Freedom Trail.  We also stopped in at the Paul Revere House Museum, which I loved because I love social history, and it is an interesting snapshot of how people lived in the 18th century. We didn't quite make it to the end though, because I got hangry and had to stop for lunch.  Then we decided we wanted to go back to the hotel.  Just after we arrived, at 4pm, my mother-in-law called as the girls wanted to talk to us.  We chatted with them and then decided we had no desire to leave the hotel again (yes, clearly we are getting old!).  Instead, we ordered a movie to the room (Boyhood), and ordered in pizza, and ate dinner in bed while watching the film.  Then, yes, you guessed it, we passed out early again.  Monday we had breakfast at the hotel (I went to Whole Foods and brought us back a feast from their buffet), and then packed up and took a cab back to the airport.  We felt so refreshed and relaxed...until we got home and picked up the girls from school and had to face reality of everything with life and work.  Ah but that's how it goes right?

If you want a great vacation, I highly recommend Boston, its easy to get to, very easy to get around in (on foot!), and we found the people extremely helpful and friendly. I also love that its a fit city...which makes sense since its home to the most famous marathon!  Lots of joggers and folks coming to and from the many fitness clubs.  Go Boston!

So what city should we visit next...hmm...

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