Monday, March 2, 2015

Veggie Fries

Chickpea & Red Pepper Veggie Fries

Hello!  It might be Monday, but at least we're finally into March!!

I apologize for the lack of recipes lately...I've been very busy cooking and baking, but almost everything has been for my new website.  Its up, but I need to get the email working before you can place orders.

Although I love cooking, believe me, I am not putting gourmet meals on the table 7 days a week!  For one, there isn't time, and two, my kids are super picky.  On nights during the week when Big A has activities (right now its Brownies on Tuesday and dance on Wednesday), I still look for healthy, but quick and easy options that won't lead to dinnertime squabbles.  I am still happy to let the kids to go bed without dinner, if need be, but ideally, I want them to eat some wholesome food and there to be some peace in the house.

I am happy to admit I resort to 'kid' food quite often, like Life Choices' chicken nuggets, organic mac&cheese, etc.

The girls generally despise legumes (aside from edamame and green peas), so when I spied these Veggie Fries at a food store in our 'hood, with chickpeas and red peppers (they do like bell peppers), I was curious to see if they'd go for them.

They've got a pretty decent ingredient list, and more fibre and protein than you'd find in regular fries.

Chickpea & Red Pepper Veggie Fries Nutritional Info

They have several other varieties too.

This week on one of our busy evenings I served them up.  They get very crispy and taste pretty much like regular fries.  Unfortunately, Little A was not a fan, but she doesn't love fries as much as Big A does anyways.  Big A, who challenges me to find anything with protein - besides hot dogs and yogurt - that she will eat, actually really liked them, as did Adam and I.

Not health food, but not a bad quick side dish in a pinch!

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