Friday, March 6, 2015

Hold Me Tight

Best Forearm Exercise

I am bad-ass strong.  Yeah, you heard me! I may be a tiny 5'2, but I can kick some serious butt!  I often lift as much weight in the gym as men twice my size.  So what if most of them are senior citizens...

One thing I struggle with though, is my grip strength.  My large muscles - legs and back - are often strong enough to lift or push heavy weights, but my forearms are not and I find those muscles tend to cramp up quickly when I am holding really big weights.  Its super annoying! The other issue is I have small (ugly, man-like) hands, and most bars and dumbbells and cable attachments are made for bigger hands.

I keep telling myself I am going to start focusing on strengthening my forearms, but I always seem to forget.  So I am putting it out there right now to keep myself accountable. At the very least I can commit to grabbing a weight and doing some exercises in the evening while we watch television a few times per week.

If you struggle with the same issue when lifting, here is some great info about grip strength and a workout to target your hand and forearm muscles.

Well, its Friday and man, the weather sure has been playing with my emotions lately.  Monday it was freezing but I noticed a spring-like quality of light.  Then Tuesday happened: Tons of snow, freezing rain, and an ice storm that knocked out power to a lot of Torontonians (we were spared, fortunately).  Wednesday, Thursday and today there is sunshine, but its freakin' cold and I'm so sick of it!

This weekend its supposed to warm up somewhat, thank goodness.  I am not working tomorrow but we are very busy with the girls' activities, a birthday party, playdate, etc.   I am not looking forward to springing ahead this weekend and losing an hour of sleep.  Stupid time change, they should really do away with it!

Have a happy, healthy, fitness-filled weekend!

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