Monday, March 23, 2015

Farewell Target and Why Online Shopping Rocks

In case you haven't heard, Target, which finally came to Canada a few years ago, is now leaving.  Yep, like they will all disappear within the next few weeks.

Apparently they tried to use the U.S. business model here and it just didn't work because, well, we Canadians are unique.  Partly, we love online shopping and Target didn't offer us this option.  Its true, at least in this house.  Internet shopping has become so simple, and in a big city like Toronto where getting anywhere can be mayhem, and what your looking for in the stores could be sold out, it just saves so much time and energy.

Nevertheless, now that Target has got the last of its stuff on 40% off or more sales, we packed the kids in the car on Saturday and heading to the nearest one to check it out.  The deals were indeed very good, so we all brought some things to take home.  The girls got sandals for summer that they adore (so much so that they are refusing to take them off) and some clothes they picked out (which are not my taste but I bit my tongue).  I am thrilled with some new weight lifting gloves, a make up brush, two pairs of leggings, and a beautiful leather belt, and Adam found a bunch of stuff for himself too.

I guess from now on I will have to seek out Targets in the U.S. whenever we visit...the ones here were never as good anyways.  Now if only we could get Trader Joes here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, I must have angered the Device Gods with my rant about technology because, I kid you not, last week both my phone and my Ipod died!

For what its worth, we did get stuck in bad traffic trying to get to Target, and on Saturday when I took the girls with me to the Apple Store at Yorkdale Mall, half the subway was closed down (For maintenance maybe?) which resulted in us having to take 2 extra buses to get there and back.  See?  Online shopping is much better!


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