Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Close Call #2

I don't know what plan the universe has for me but after being hit by a car while walking a few weeks ago, I was sideswiped while driving our car yesterday!

It was yet another reminder of how things can change in the blink of an eye.

I am, fortunately, not hurt, however, pretty shaken up.  And the car is in bad shape.  Very expensive repairs required and we will be without it for about 2 weeks.  At least insurance will cover it.

It wasn't even the usual impatient, rude Toronto driver who did it (believe me, if you think Canadians are polite, you'll feel differently if you drive in this city!!).  It was a dude from London, Ontario, a guy driving his musical band to a gig.  Unfamiliar with the city, he is apparently not used to driving in Toronto and tried to do a U-Turn without looking and smashed into me.

At the end it really meant nothing more than a wasted bunch of hours dealing with towing companies, police and insurance, so I am trying to focus on being grateful for the fact that I wasn't hurt and I was the only one in the car.

Part of me wants to grab Adam and the girls and hide in our house.  Its not just terrorism and crime that we tend to worry about that is such a threat, but the more everyday things like accidents! 
I know, I know, overprotecting them isn't the answer, but we live in a scary world and it sometimes feels next to impossible to keep our kids safe from every single threat!

You know? In my 20s after getting hit by a car twice in a few weeks, my phone dying and my Ipod exploding (Apple fortunately replaced it), I would have been feeling very sorry for myself.  But now that I'm older and wrinklier...I mean wiser, I realize that I am actually very fortunate.  Its all nothing.  I have all the important things including my amazing family and my health. That's what matters.

Have a great hump day and drive carefully!!

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