Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow Day, Sick Day...Oy Veh!

Getting Plowed

So yesterday, like much of the North East, we got a massive snowstorm.  Schools closed, transportation stalled and everyone grumbled about all the shovelling that had to be done.

Our lovely neighbours did a good bit of the shovelling for us in the front, but our garage in the back alley was snowed in and the car wasn't getting out.  Also, it just happens to be the week we're looking after our other neighbours' house while they are in Florida and so we (Adam) had to do their shovelling.  It did finally stop snowing in the afternoon...but then Little A came down with a fever.  Sigh!

So today is a sick snow day.  After I drop Big A off at school, Little A and I will be hibernating at home.  I guess there are worse things.  If she's in a decent mood (both girls are still asleep right now!), then we could have fun.  If not, its not going to be pretty.  She is a very bad sick, prone to just howling and whining non-stop.  I seriously mean non-stop! Wish me luck!!

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