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A Day in the Life: JCC Sundays

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This post is for the A Day in the Life Link-Up. 

I have decided to give you Sunday because its the day that's most consistent.  During the week, aside from the early morning pre-dropping off the girls at school, things are all over the place as our routine varies widely based on Adam's work schedule, my work schedule and the girls' activities.

But some things about Sundays have stayed the same for a very long time.  You could call Sunday JCC day.

The downtown JCC in Toronto will always hold a special place in my heart. 

I started teaching fitness classes there back in 1997 and in 2000, I met Adam there.  He went to a high school across the street and began working out there when he was 13 years old (yes we are 2 peas in a pod!!). Up to the point where I was about 7 months pregnant with Big A, I was teaching fitness there 6 days a week.  After she was born, I cut back to just 1 class.

Now, the girls spend a good part of their weekends there between Hebrew School, swimming lessons and Fit Kids (a program for kids aged 5-9 that Little A does, and Big A used to do).  I, of course, still teach a spinning class there on Sunday mornings.

So here is last (Superbowl) Sunday, which is pretty much typical for us.

6:30am - Wake up for me...this is my sleep in day!  Throw on gym clothes and head down to kitchen and make my licorice tea and then get my gym bag packed.

7am - Sit down and eat breakfast (huge bowl of oatmeal with ground flax and egg whites).  Follow it up with a coffee frappe (can't do hot coffee before working out!).

7:35am - Leave for the gym...lately the girls aren't yet awake.  I bike if I can, but if the weather is too bad, I walk.

7:50am - Arrive at the JCC, get changed and organized.

8am - Hit the weight room.  This is my only day I don't workout at home, so I try and use all the equipment we don't have (bench press, cable crossover, super heavy dumbbells, etc.).  There is also a lot of socializing that happens because I know so many people there.  Not too busy at this hour, but I have my usual workout buddies (mostly 50-60 year old guys) and we chat about politics and culture...not your typical muscle-head gym!

9:15am - Get ready for my class, schmooze with participants as we set up our bikes.

9:30am-10:15am - Spin!

10:15am - Shmooze with members and record my class stats.

10:30am - Head home (I prefer to shower at home!), sometimes stop and do a few errands.

11am - Arrive home and have a shower and get dressed.  Adam takes the girls to the JCC for 9:15am for Hebrew school and then goes to the market to get our fresh food for the week.

11:30am - Have a snack (usually a Quest Bar, another coffee frappe and a whole lot of L-Glutamine!) and do my paperwork for .my counselling practice so the office admin assistant has everything for Monday morning.

12pm - Make the girls lunch for Adam to take to the girls. Cut veggies to prep meals for the week, if my awesome husband hasn't already done so. Adam takes their lunches and goes back to the JCC because Little A has swimming (Big A currently swims at the JCC on Saturdays).

1pm - Do an Essentrics Classical Stretch routine (I no longer do any static stretching or yoga).

1:30pm - Lunch.  Try to finish reading Saturday and Sunday Toronto Star and Saturday Globe and Mail newspapers.

2:30pm - Girls arrive home.  If no playdates or other plans, we often play cards or board games.  On this day we did a make-you-own snow globe craft.

3:45pm - Big A and I went to get Valentines for the girls' classes.

5pm - I start getting the girls' dinner ready.

5:15pm - Adam leaves for his book club meeting.

5:30pm - Girls eat in front of the television because its movie night.  I do some writing and work on my Ontario College of Psychotherapists application.

6:30pm - I have something to eat.

7:45pm - I start *trying* to get the girls upstairs and Little A to bed, but they, "Want to see daddy."

8pm - Adam arrives home and says goodnight to the girls.

8:15pm - We sit down and eat dinner and watch an episode of Saving Hope we taped.

9:15pm - I crawl into bed and start my nightly reading.

10pm - Lights out!

Next Sunday will be pretty much the same...

I have included this post in the Day in the Life Link-Up hosted by Fitness Cheerleader.

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